week seven


Week seven

I had the pleasure of meeting a great lady … the actress


Shelley Taylor Morgan,

She collects the “man in the moon” memorabilia so i made her a “moon man”,

2013-05-21 16.52.472013-05-21 16.53.00

Shelly collects all kind beautiful things such as nicknacks. My favorite was this Turn Of The 1900 Century amatron

Doing handy work with my dad is a blast. I hope my dad and I will have our own prop shop some day,1L44og2CcOvOaO_VgwtKwvUodprzyM5xaS1IEs9mbTgAa_hQZ1AZDh1tBPEKMhFqwN0fj3jJkU-c4F-eLfeLyYnOYPVm_y7O6ic0BsyagCavdo1Kk4SkfYmz-ZK60BGd4

Time goes past so fast. I want to thank the OTA (Olympic Theater Arts) for giving me a great internship and a life changing experience. Thank you all for having me,


Saturday thru Wednesday I am going to Seattle to hang out with Dad and his friend, Sean.

20080227210329_kerry park seattle

I will be going to Los Angeles, CA on Wednesday. 29 May, 2013

week six


Week six

For those of you that have followed my trip from the start, on my internships … I painted a carpet for the last play, for this new play Crimes of The Heart, I painted over the carpet with a wooden floor,



You got to love the nature life in Washington State. My dad and I took a road trip to Lake Crescent, WA. I just love this environment … no wonder my ancestors decided to settle down here.oO4CB_dbOtEAQ5P1RY5SsRZeYZBinyUzHjuvK1Y8T2MVENLfgEzrzWh5DMP1szA212QWcOwQ7XtMhTh1HjntI8

2013-04-30 15.58.222013-05-01 11.30.262013-05-01 11.30.372013-05-01 11.31.03

But you can also find the darnedest cars,2013-05-19 15.29.38

As for my last prop at the OTA .. I made a styrofoam cake out of styrofoam with all-purpose spackle and caulking

2013-05-14 11.42.04vA6d9Q7oqebJ-0yHWZ9jz3SebAXOFbfPOl3QZktsbyc

2013-05-21 15.48.052013-05-21 15.48.30

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