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Week Four

Week Four

Life in sequim is just getting better and better

I mean you learn to love the mountain views, they are quite beautiful.!


Working at the OTA, I have been doing a lot of grunt work such as getting rid of a lot of old moldy paints.


We have now started to strip down the stage from the play we just finished ( God of Carnage).20130506_110745

Its kind of sad.. but its time to make the sets for the new production (Crimes of the Heart)



My dads birthday was on May 1


so we went to Hamma Hamma which is a commercial oyster farm were you can by jumbo shrimp and smoked oysters and salmon,


And this littel crab is just chilling out


This large pile is all just sea shell,


Going antique shopping and found this really ugly toy cow


Week three

This week has been a bit slow compared to most of the other weeks,
You can’t always have go go go……. but, this week I was sick and had the flu.  I passed the cold on to my family and unfortunately they are all getting the nasal congestion. They are all getting better now.

Work is running along just fine.   I do the lights for the show each weekend.   There are only 2 more weekends left until the next show rehearsals start and I’m going to have to start the construction for the new show.  In the meantime I’m building a miniature set for the next play,

so we can have that as a model for the bigger building activities.  I think this one is going to be so much fun building it all

What all has happened this week.  

I have made some great new friends each day.

20130424 160500

20130422 143632

locking your keys in your car is just part of the fun trying to get in thru the sun roof

20130420 024338

My grandmother has also asked me ho help her make some center pieces for her game party tables.   I decided to make some dice for her and made them out of styrofoam, space and barbecue sticks then painted each one with acrylic paint,
20130422 17594420130422 18000320130422 17595720130422 22482420130422 224844

Another project I’m going to start is a mural on the play house exterior wall soon.  This will be loads of fun.
My airline tickets are booked so i leave for Hollywood, California on the 29th of May and my Hollywood internship starts Monday the 3rd of June

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