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Panda Molding part 3

its been a couple of days now since my last post because of my planning for my Internship “praktikplats” in Hollywood,  but now its time for a update on the panda sculpture, sins the mold cast plaster is now dry i can open the bottom and remove the clay when the mold is completely dry, it’s time to start applying latex in the inside first 2 layers of latex then by applying thin and nicely parts of synthetic rags in the mold. is making the structure stronger, i have also colored my latex with acrylic paints in black and wight

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Panda Molding part 2

As the sculpture is done finish the negative cast molding can begin  To make a positive cast to make the Panda head20130116 10550920130116 14105520130116 16554620130116 2045441

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