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Ladies and Gentelmen let me present to you - Amenset...

she lived during the Third Intermediate Period (1069–653 BC)
as an apprentice to the sisterhood of Khonsu God of youth and the moon.
At her birth in a small village outside of the capital of Egypt, she and her 2 sisters were separated and she was brought to the ministry of Khosnu where she was raised by the nuns of the moon worship, a bright and intelligent girl with an amazing artistic feeling for painting and sculpting.
her weapon of choice was a shovel sie,
With amazing agility like a cat they often said she must be a descendent of the goddess Bastett. Her dream was to one day be free of the darkness. Amenset died at the age of 19 by a heavily disfigured giant loup-garou Fennec fox, it was such a bloody death that they never found her whole body but she did get a traditional Egyptian warrior burial.

Amenset is one of my four female warrior! For my master's dissertation
the next warrior will be revealed in 2 weeks so stay updated and please do share with your friends!

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An extreme Big thanks to all that have worked really hard to make this become a reality!
Philip Engström
Renée Bosak
Louise Wallin
Jonas Lawes
Niklas Åkerlund



Name: Tohalnars
Age:  18
Time:  14th century
Social status:  Body guard/warrior to the King of Itzcoatl (1427–1440 AD)
What she lives for: The hunt the blood-shed
Death: age 21 by three leopard loup-garou’s a group attack which caused her a painful and harsh death
Who is this woman:  Tohalnars known to be one of the most blood thirsty of the Moon children. She lived for the hunt and was a hot blooded tempered girl and very hard to keep in control. As a young girl she lived as a daughter to a high priest in the tribe of their village.  By being the daughter of a high ranking man in society she was trained with the best of warriors even though she was a girl. She then served the king, Itzcoatl.
She was a strong warrior and gave birth to 5 girls in her lifetime.

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