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British Victorian



Name: Hele Pugin
Age:  22
Time:  1860 AD
Social status: 
Her role and position:
Death:  At the age of 28 she was killed by a bat like loup-garou ironically in the clock tower of Big Ben, where she was pushed through the glass and fell to her death.


What she lives for: Reading and learning skillful ways to be a better warrior until her daughter was born.


Who is the woman: Helen was the adoptive daughter of the Covenant guardian Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin, the English architect that made BIG BEN. She grew up to study as a lady in the very posh society of England. This was only a persona??, she was one of the greatest fighters that theCovenant had ever raised and until her death she was the longest surviving Moon child on record, with a mastery in swordsmanship.
She gave birth to only 1 girl after the birth. She caught a disease that made her sterile.
She raised her daughter until her untimely death.